What's Inside?


  • INSPIRE self-appreciation
  • MOTIVATE kindness and healthy self-esteem
  • PRESENT gratitude and mindfulness in a playful and fun way

The Book

Ages 4-8


8 x 8 inches

24 pages

With full-spread quirky illustrations and memorable characters, this book is a great introduction to the power of gratitude and the importance of appreciating ourselves the way that we are.

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Matching Gratitude Journal

My Little Book of BIG Thank You's


This journal’s interior provides comfortable writing space for children. Without feeling overwhelming, this journal is a great way to introduce gratitude into a child’s daily routine.


5 x 7 inches

96 pages (90 writing pages)


“Thank You, Me is a delightful picture book that delivers a loving message of self-acceptance to both children and adults. [It] will surely lead to an empowering bonding moment when read together with your child. It would make a nice choice for caregivers interested in fostering positive body image through gratitude and self-acceptance. Pairing Thank You, Me with the author’s matching gratitude journal is also recommended.”

The Children’s Book Review

“As mother to four, I’ve read my share of children’s books—and I know when I’ve found a keeper. Thank you, Me is one of those timeless books that your child will bring to you again and again, saying “please read”. Beautiful, heart-opening and vibrant, with a message of self-acceptance that we all need to hear.”

— Sara Wiseman, Nautilus-award winning author of Living a Life of Gratitude

“The issue of self-esteem and self-appreciation has been discussed so many times with an adult audience. However, this is the first time I see a children’s book on this subject, in a language that kids would understand, with beautiful illustrations.”

—Amazon Customer

Why Gratitude?

The reason for this book

We often under-appreciate our own bodies. We are plagued by our imperfections like “our legs are too short” or “our nose is too big.” Seemingly unknown to us is that these legs get us to where we want to be and our nose tells us there is freshly baked bread at the corner bakery. We often do not appreciate our body for what it truly is, perfection in its imperfections. We are misguided by a distorted body image which is often influenced by our thoughts of what we should look like or our current emotional state and what other people look like in our eyes. And in some cases this distorted body image leads to depression, self-cynicism and in extreme cases, eating disorders and addiction. We miss out on the fact that the image we see in the mirror looking back at us is the amazingly direct manifestation of the universe. Too profound?

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With a fine line between self-appreciation and narcissism, we often shy away from saying “thanks” to ourselves. But after years of self-criticism and lack of appreciation, I decided to try a gratitude exercise. The results completely changed my life; so much, in fact, that the experience inspired me to write and illustrate the children’s book Thank You, Me . . .

read more about Elena’s inspiration for the book . . . 


Growing up, Elena did not like her body. She was unhappy with her looks, and this mindset negatively affected her ability to enjoy life, kindle relationships, and care for her health. Realizing that this attitude needed to change, she decided to try a gratitude exercise. She wrote gratitude notes in a journal, expressing thanks for every part of her body. To her surprise, this simple exercise transformed her mindset from a state of dislike and rejection to a state of love and gratitude. Today, she is grateful for her body and everything that it allows her to do. She realizes that taking care of her own wellness is necessary because it makes her better prepared to help others. After experiencing the power of gratitude, she decided to share this journey with children and parents through the book Thank You, Me.

Elena studied Fine Art and Animation at the University of Colorado Denver. Currently living in Houston, Texas, she writes, illustrates, and designs books. Her previous work includes the illustration and design of Zen Moments by Venerable Master Miao Tsan.

(Photo: Deborah Wallace, Barfield Photography)


Thank You, Me

Hardcover, 8 x 8 inches, 24 pages


Thank You, Me – Ebook

Kindle Version

(View it on Kindle Fire or the free Kindle App on PC, Mac, iPad, or iPhone)


Gratitude Journal

Softcover, 5 x 7 inches, 96 pages


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Beyond the Book

This book is dedicated to Elena’s grandmother, Marina. With loving and joyous energy, she greeted everyone with a vibrant smile and open arms. Her passion for life continued even through a battle with pancreatic cancer for over a year and a half. She never got to see this book, but as Elena’s number one fan, she probably would have liked it.

In memory of Grandma Marina, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Thank You, Me will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and two arts in medicine non-profit organizations: Purple Songs Can Fly and the Periwinkle Foundation.


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