My name is Elena. As an artist with interest in mindfulness and healing, I’d like to share something special with you: an expression of my art with a purpose.

The purpose was inspired by the quote above.

As a child, I struggled with anxiety, low self-worth, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and a feeling that I did not deserve success. No matter what positive things parents, teachers, and counselors told me, I did not believe them.

I looked for answers in books—in words and pictures—but not many provided the affirming beliefs that I needed to hear.

This is why I created Thank You, Me

To inspire self-care through the practice of gratitude.

What might start as a simple practice of gratitude for the body (encouraging healthy physical habits) can quickly grow into something bigger: a positive life-long mindset of valuing yourself enough to learn, grow, and achieve to your highest potential.

Do we really need Thank You, Me in a me-me-me culture?

We all have the innate desire to help others. So, why should we focus on self-love and self-care?

In reality, self-care enables us to help others much more, because . . .

We can’t inspire others when we are depressed. We can’t heal others when we are not physically fit to be there for them. We can’t be present and compassionate if our minds are stuck in worry and self-criticism.

If we care for ourselves first, we are in a much better position to give to others.

And, if you begin saying “thanks” to yourself, you might find yourself saying thanks to everyone around you, everyone that came before you, and everyone who helped you become who you are.

Thank You, Me is a very simple book, but it can spark some deeper conversations.


It was written for my inner child, for your inner child, and for the next generation of children growing up with conscious awareness and acceptance of themselves.

“As mother to four, I’ve read my share of children’s books—and I know when I’ve found a keeper. Thank you, Me is one of those timeless books that your child will bring to you again and again, saying “please read.” Beautiful, heart-opening and vibrant, with a message of self-acceptance that we all need to hear.”

Sara Wiseman, Nautilus-award winning author of Living a Life of Gratitude

The Book

Ages 4-8. Hardcover. 8 x 8 inches. 24 pages.

Use it to:

  • Teach mindfulness
  • Introduce gratitude in a fun way
  • Practice paying attention to body and senses in the present moment
  • Discuss the importance of self-care and healthy self-esteem
“The issue of self-esteem and self-appreciation has been discussed so many times with an adult audience. However, this is the first time I see a children’s book on this subject, in a language that kids would understand, with beautiful illustrations.”

—Amazon Customer

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“Thank You, Me is a delightful picture book that delivers a loving message of self-acceptance to both children and adults. [It] will surely lead to an empowering bonding moment when read together with your child. It would make a nice choice for caregivers interested in fostering positive body image through gratitude and self-acceptance. Pairing Thank You, Me with the author’s matching gratitude journal is also recommended.”

The Children’s Book Review

Matching Gratitude Journal

My Little Book of BIG Thank You's

Softcover. 5 x 7 inches.


This journal’s interior provides comfortable writing space for children. Without feeling overwhelming, this journal is a great way to introduce gratitude into a child’s daily routine.

96 pages (90 writing pages)

Gratitude = Grow

It took me a while to begin writing in a gratitude journal.

I resisted for a long time . . . because, why should we be grateful if we want to change? To be more? To grow?

Surprisingly, gratitude did not hold me back. It did not make me complacent or comfortable.

Instead, writing in a gratitude journal was like having a launchpad and rocket fuel boosting me forward to continue learning and growing.

I realized that when we express gratitude for what we have, for all the opportunities we had, for all the challenges we faced—that is when we become ready for more.

Gratitude transformed my mindset. Instead of living life in a state of have to, I now keep a daily gratitude practice and live life because I love to.

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This book is dedicated to my grandmother, Marina.

With loving and joyous energy, she greeted everyone with a vibrant smile and open arms. Her passion for life continued even through a battle with pancreatic cancer for over a year and a half. She never got to see this book, but as my number one fan, she probably would have liked it.

In memory of Grandma Marina, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Thank You, Me will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and two arts in medicine non-profit organizations.

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