2019 Inspired Weekly Planner

This 2019 planner has a lot of love put into it. It’s been in the works for a couple of months…starting with painting some watercolor patterns, designing the pages, finding 52+ inspirational quotes, and asking mom to proofread all the dates (thanks, mom!).

If you’re looking for a 2019 planner, you might like this one… a 247-page 2019 planner, to print and use as you like!

To download and print the free PDF, click here: 

To get the 8 x 10 color-printed hardcover, click here.

I hope this brings you lots of cheer all year long!

Why affirmations?

Believe it or not, affirmations (in my experience) really work! But it takes time. When I wrote Thank You, Me in 2016, the message was to find gratitude for our selves and our bodies just the way we are. To enjoy the moment, to feel gratitude for being here and alive. (Not in a pushy, “you should be grateful” kind of way, but rather as a gentle reminder to “take a moment to pay attention to the wonder that you are…and you’ll naturally feel an abundance of gratitude, because you’re a miracle.” You really are.)

Maybe you’ve noticed it too, but the more gratitude I felt, the less arrogance I felt. It was like a movement away from ego and arrogance into a quiet awareness that there is something bigger out there…something that connects us all. And for this, I feel grateful.

That gratitude helped me to feel more compassion for myself and others, to start eating well (and get over the pain of self-inflicted eating disorders), to allow myself to listen to my inner voice, and overall, to start feeling more present, focused, and calm.

But you know what? That took time.

Even when I wrote Thank You, Me, I STILL could not stand in front of the mirror and say “I love you, you’re beautiful just as you are in this moment.” I would STILL criticize myself, feel inadequate, and focus on all the things that were wrong instead of the things that were right. All of that criticism was endless chatter that took away from my ability to be present and focused.

It took two years of writing daily gratitude, reflecting on my goals, consciously listening to my inner voice, and writing affirmations to finally feel at ease and on track.

Thank You, Me was the start of a journey that said, “I allow myself to be me, to the fullest.”

This planner has helped me continue that journey through 2017, 2018, and now 2019.

If any of that resonates with you, I hope you’ll find this planner inspiring.

And if not, I hope it will still be a useful little calendar for you.

Here’s to an inspiring 2019!

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Happy New Year!

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