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Thanksgiving Free Printable Coloring Cards

Thanksgiving Coloring Free Printable Thank You Cards Thanksgiving is just around the corner! It’s that time of year again when we express gratitude…gratitude for the bountiful harvest and holiday dinners, gratitude for being in the here and now, and gratitude for spending time with family and friends. In addition to all of this gratitude, why not […]

12 Stress Relief Activities

Stress Relief is Easy with these 12 Activities! Stress. We all face it and deal with it at some point in our lives. Whether it’s that morning traffic jam, your child’s temper tantrum, or facing a big deadline at work, there’s tons of everyday stressors in life. While you can’t control the things that happen, […]

Can Art Heal?

Can Art Heal? Recently I had the opportunity to share my story at Voyage Houston Magazine. The interview made me think about the reason I do book design and the reason behind publishing Thank You, Me. Publishing a book takes a huge amount of effort. It has a way of really testing a person’s dedication […]

Valentine’s Day Free Printable Coloring Cards

Valentine’s Day Free Printable Coloring Cards Valentine’s Day is here! It’s that time of year again…the time of hearts, love, and gifts for that special someone. You might be shopping for that perfect Valentine’s Day card, but before you do, have you thought about making your own? There’s something magical about putting in the effort […]

Moonbeam Children’s Book Award 2017: MIND-BODY-SPIRIT / SELF-ESTEEM

Just announced! I’m very excited that Thank You, Me is now a multi-award-winning book, having just placed as a Silver Medalist in the 2017 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. The full list is available here: http://www.independentpublisher.com/article.php?page=2237 But, I’m even MORE excited because this winning spot is tied with another book… also about self-acceptance and self-love (Don’t You […]

Self-Care Through Gratitude: An Infographic

Gratitude is the perfect way to improve self-care. To explain, here is an awesome infographic by Case Western Reserve University: Since starting a gratitude journal a few years ago, my mood and peace of mind have improved astronomically. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice to everyone. It’s so easy to start! Just find a journal that feels […]

Self-Worth and Self-Care. Is it Selfish?

Self-Worth. Self-Care. Do these words make you cringe? We all have the innate desire to help others. So, why should we focus on self-love and self-care? Here’s what Sarah Rudell Beach writes about self-worth and self-esteem at Left Brain Buddha: “Self-esteem is not selfish. What is the opposite of having high self-esteem? It’s feeling you are not good […]

Cintia’s Story: Finding Self Acceptance and Self-Worth

One of the most rewarding parts of creating Thank You, Me was connecting with readers and learning about others’ stories and struggles with self acceptance and self-worth. When a story connects us to another person heart to heart, this is, in my opinion, more valuable than any other reason to write. One such connection happened when […]

Self Esteem: Dear Inner Critic, Thank You

Each one of us has an inner critic. It shames us into thinking that we are not worthy of love, success, acceptance—you name it. The comments from the inner critic range from you are not smart enough, you are not beautiful, to you never do anything right, and so on. Inner critics kill self esteem. […]