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Self-Worth and Self-Care. Is it Selfish?

Self-Worth. Self-Care. Do these words make you cringe? We all have the innate desire to help others. So, why should we focus on self-love and self-care? Here’s what Sarah Rudell Beach writes about self-worth and self-esteem at Left Brain Buddha: “Self-esteem is not selfish. What is the opposite of having high self-esteem? It’s feeling you are not good […]

Cintia’s Story: Finding Self Acceptance and Self-Worth

One of the most rewarding parts of creating Thank You, Me was connecting with readers and learning about others’ stories and struggles with self acceptance and self-worth. When a story connects us to another person heart to heart, this is, in my opinion, more valuable than any other reason to write. One such connection happened when […]

Self Esteem: Dear Inner Critic, Thank You

Each one of us has an inner critic. It shames us into thinking that we are not worthy of love, success, acceptance—you name it. The comments from the inner critic range from you are not smart enough, you are not beautiful, to you never do anything right, and so on. Inner critics kill self esteem. […]

Upcoming Trip to Book Expo America in NYC

The Thank You, Me team is so excited for the upcoming trip to Book Expo America in NYC! The cat and hedgehog are jumping up and down. Giraffe is counting the days until May 31st. And the Purple Gratitude Monster? Well, he can’t read, but he’s super excited about seeing thousands and thousands of books. […]

‘Thank You, Me’ Wins a 2016 Nautilus Silver Award in the Children’s Picture Books (Fiction) Category

April 2017 brought very exciting news. Thank You, Me was selected as a 2016 Nautilus Silver Award Winner in the Children’s Picture Books (Fiction) Category.   What is the Nautilus Book Award? Here is an excerpt from the award website: The Nautilus Awards represents Better Books for a Better World Now in its 19th year, this unique book award […]

Love and Gratitude Transformed My Body Image

We express thanks for the people we love and for the blessings in our lives, but there is one other kind of gratitude that you might have overlooked — one that can have a lasting impact on your relationship with yourself — the gratitude for your body and spirit, loving yourself just as you are. With a fine line […]

Interview with CU Denver

As an introvert, I generally don’t like being interviewed, but this was a very exciting opportunity to talk about my journey in creating Thank You, Me and all the fun mistakes along the way. Thank you, CU Denver! 🙂 Read the article here: https://www.cudenvertoday.org/she-made-gratitude-into-a-work-of-art/   Takeaway: Mistakes are sometimes the best things that can happen to […]

Self Appreciation and Gratitude for Body Image

Self appreciation is easier said than done. We often under-appreciate our own bodies. Often, we are plagued by our imperfections like “our legs are too short” or “our nose is too big.” Seemingly unknown to us is that these legs get us to where we want to be and our nose tells us there is […]

Books Are Ready to Ship!

The books are finally here and ready to ship out. Get your copy now on Amazon! I am so excited to share this book with you. Any feedback is greatly appreciated—please share your thoughts in the comments below, on Amazon, or Facebook/Instagram with the hashtag #thankyoumebook.

The Big Red Heart

Since I’m not much into sewing, this heart turned out a little bit crooked. Ironically, this makes it look more like the heart on the book cover, so I’ve decided it was meant to be. This heart will be joining us at all future book signing events, so come take a picture with the Big […]