2019 Inspired Affirmations Weekly Planner

This is no ordinary 2019 planner! This planner will help you feel inspired every day with positive quotes, mindfulness reflections, and weekly affirmations.

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Some planners are about the go-go-go, but this planner allows you to pause and reflect. True happiness comes from a balance between forward-moving action items and calming moments of reflection. This planner allows you to do both.

At 246 pages, each day gets a full vertical half-page of space to write and reflect.

Designed in full color, this planner contains:

  • Space to write your yearly goals for 2019
  • Affirmations for the year
  • Space to organize your main goals and affirmations for each month
  • Space to organize your main goals and affirmations for each week
  • Plan and record habits for the week
  • List your daily tasks and action items
  • Space to mindfully reflect on your health and habits for the day (example: record a mini food diary)
  • Weekly gratitude. Writing a few lines of gratitude each day can boost your happiness for the entire week!
  • And, colorful inspirational quotes to keep you moving forward in style.

Plus: Available as hardcover, this planner lies flat on your desk, from beginning to end.

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