Moonbeam Children’s Book Award 2017: MIND-BODY-SPIRIT / SELF-ESTEEM

Just announced! I’m very excited that Thank You, Me is now a multi-award-winning book, having just placed as a Silver Medalist in the 2017 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. The full list is available here:

But, I’m even MORE excited because this winning spot is tied with another book… also about self-acceptance and self-love (Don’t You Know You Are Beautiful Just the Way You Are!, by G.A. Sealy). This shows that self-love and self-acceptance are truly such important topics, and that we’re beginning to embrace and accept these ideas as a culture.

I truly believe that we should ALL work on accepting ourselves and expressing gratitude for ourselves just the way we are. As we become more accepting of ourselves, we can more easily feel acceptance and compassion towards others.

If inner peace can lead to outer peace, let’s begin there. Please comment if you agree. 

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