Reduce Stress and Anxiety with these 13 Simple Foods

Did you know that the foods we eat have direct impact on our mood and can reduce stress levels? Sometimes a simple addition to our daily meals can make all the difference in our happiness and wellness levels.

Recently, SnapKitchen created an infographic on 13 foods that reduce anxiety. Check it out below. To read the original article’s detailed description of each food’s health benefits, visit

Many of these are simple and convenient to pack in a lunchbox for a stress-free day at the office or classroom.

Eating foods that reduce stress is a great way to say Thank You to our bodies!


Foods to Improve Your Mood Infographic


Did you enjoy this infographic? You might also like to view the graphic on 12 Stress Relief Activities…but easy on the chocolate! Too much sugar will only increase stress. Everything in moderation…

For some more stress-relief activities, visit our Free Resources page for free coloring pages and other printables.

Disclaimer: Thank You, Me is not affiliated with Snap Kitchen. I am sharing this infographic for informational purposes only. All other opinions expressed are my own.

Blueberries image credit: DepositPhotos

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